Introducing Atsuita’s artisans


Ourelite team is responsible for our company’s bending technology.Appreciation for masterful craftsmanship is a universal characteristic of human civilization.
Although the press machine is the device that actually applies the force, our team members are the ones who are responsible for bending, spinning, and stamping material into a wide variety of shapes.
We applythe skills we have built up over many years ofexperience working on many successful products.
We are confident in our abilities to bend material of any thickness into the shapes that our customers request.


Our team bends parts using special forming machines. In the same way the members of the stamping team bend material on presses with master-level skill, our team members operate our machinery with unparalleled expertise.
Witnessingthe process of sheet steel being bent into wavy shapes as if it is as soft as candy is an amazing sight to behold. Iron is just like a living creature.
We sense how the material breathes as we work.
Press bending and spin bending are the two major bending methods that our company uses. Our team plays a large role in these processes.


Our department is in the midst of mechanizing our process and reducing the amount of manpower required to perform our job. However, these changes only apply to teams that handle the materials before they are bent.
A wide variety of curves are created from a wide varietyof materials of different thicknesses.
The process of cutting and grooving these products requires good flexibility and precise motions.
We are careful not to make any mistakes during this step after the parts have already been bent accurately.
This is a very important step.

Model scribing

I secretly believe that our department is the most important department in the whole company.
We are involved in every step of the manufacturing process, from the moment we receive the customer’s drawings, to the moment the product is shipped from our doors.
There’s no room for mistakes in any of our processes!

Assembly and Welding

This department handles sheet metalworking.
The engineers in this group handle temporary assembly and welding for parts that have been bent on presses, and bring them together into their final forms.
Although this department is small as a result of our company’s focus on bending technology, the engineers who work in this department are all highly-skilled and handle multiple roles.
The members of this team assemble and weld parts that are bent into all kinds of shapes, and are all quick-thinking, clever, and highly experienced, making this team capable of handling any challenge.


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