Hemispheres (hot forming)

Inside diameter φ1190 mm ~ 990 mm Sheet thickness 134 mm ~ 62 mm Material SB480

Shapes that cannot be bent on a press at room temperature are stamped and press-formed after heating the material in a heating furnace (1.5 m × 3.6 m × 4.2 m, MAX 1,000 ˚C) to make the material soft.
Hot forming is sometimes proposed as a solution for parts with a low processing rate that are not suitable for bending, or parts with high tensile strength.
Our well-developed technology is able to produce formed parts that are within the tolerances specified by our customers.
We are also capable of manufacturing parts through bending that meet the specifications desired by our customers in terms of heating management and processing temperature.
After the hot forming process, we can also perform finishing, trimming, grooving, and shot blasting, according to the customer’s request.
Aside from hemispheres, hot forming can also be used to create a variety of other shapes.
We also handle requests for ellipsoidal heads and flat heads. Please contact us for details.

Examples of manufactured parts

Hemispheres (hot forming)

Outside diameter φ2200mm
Sheet thickness 96mm
Material SA516 – 60

Hemispheres (hot forming)

Outside diameter φ2300mm(flat heads)
Sheet thickness 30mm
Material Clad steel


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