Our 8 Unbeatable Strengths

1.40 Years of Experience and Result
Atsuita Press Industry Co., Ltd. has been in business for over 40 years as a manufacturer that specializes in metal bending. We tackled and overcame numerous challenges over the years as we handled requests from our customers from new industries and involving new materials. See here for details
2.We Handle Any Type of Metal
Atsuita Press Industry Co., Ltd has accumulated an enormous amount of know-how through our work on various projects in the past, and has achieved success in working with all types of metals. See here for details
3.We are capable of manufacturing dies at low cost
The die structure we use at Atsuita Press Industry Co., Ltd. was born from our desire to provide our customers a solution that keeps costs as low as possible. Our rib-structure dies leverage our unique technologies, including bending, spinning, and stamping, which enables us to create dies at low cost. See here for details
4.We are capable of spinning thick sheet metal using our unique spinning technology without a die
Feel confident entrusting your spinning work for parts such as bell mouths, shell plates, inlet ports, and mouthpieces to us to handle using our original spinning equipment. Atsuita Press Industry’s spinning machines are able to perform spinning for diameters up to 4,500 mm. We have also achieved success forming metal sheets up to 35 mm thick. See here for details
5.We are confident in our model unfolding and scribing abilities
Atsuita Press Industry’s work process begins with an analysis of the various diagrams and 3D data we receive from the customer and gaining an accurate understanding of the curved shapes. See here for details
6.Assembly technology that is specialized for bending
Know-how is necessary in order to successfully carry out complex assembly and welding operations for products that are bent, spun, or stamped. Atsuita Press Industry possesses assembly and welding technology that is supported by our wealth of experience. See here for details
7.One-stop service
We want to reduce the amount of time our customers spend dealing with different subcontractors. We reduce the amount of work required of our customers in dealing with different companies for material procurement, bending, stamping, spinning, cutting, grooving, assembly, welding, nondestructive inspection, heat treatment, and machining, and aim to improve quality. See here for details
8.We handle requests from all types of industries and businesses
Ever since our company was established, we have sought out and handled bending, spinning, and stamping processes for new industries and new business categories. When our company was first established, the majority of our work consisted of work performed for the plant and chemical machinery industries, including pressure vessels (heads). Afterwards, we built up our technology and ability to manage quality for various industries and business categories, and were able to construct a system for handling these. See here for details

We offer solutions for lowering costs using bending technology

A.Reduced casting costs
See here for details
B.Reduced sheet metalworking and weld assembly costs
See here for details
C.Reduced machining costs
See here for details


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