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Bending, Stamping, and Spinning Product Examples

The following sections introduce the main features of products that Atsuita Press Industry Co., Ltd. is capable of manufacturing, as well as examples of products that our company has delivered in the past. Atsuita Press Industry Co., Ltd. has successfully achieved lower manufacturing costs for castings in various projects in the past by applying our advanced technology in stamping, bending, spinning, and low-cost rib structure die creation. By employing these three technologies, Atsuita Press Industry Co., Ltd. is able to successfully manufacture products at low costs.

3D shapes Our unique stamping technology enables us to accurately bend thick steel sheets into 3D shapes

Special Shapes We create special shapes using our advanced technologies, including stamping, pattern unfolding, and sheet metalworking and weld assembly

Segmented Heads We manufacture high-quality parts for assembling and welding onsite

Knuckles Our advanced material development technology enables us to manufacture knuckles that are created using a number of segments that allows the product to be delivered via surface transport

(Hot Forming)
Hot forming allows metals to be bent into a variety of shapes, including hemispheres

Segmented Hemispheres We offer an integrated product manufacturing system that includes assisting our customers to design the number of segments and calculate the required dimensions of the material

Bell Mouths
(Compression Molding)
Our method of manufacturingbell mouthsthrough compression molding enables us to create mouths with large diameters

Bell Mouths
(Spin Forming)
Our unique technique for bell mouth forming uses bending and does not require dies or wooden patterns

Special Elbows Please contact us regarding requests for parts with dimensions, shapes, angles, or thicknesses that are not available as standardized parts

Expansion joints Our manufacturing technology allows designers to design products with expansion pipes with deep ridges and high degrees of freedom

Branched Pipes
(Y Pipes)
We are able to carry out material development from the beginning stages of the manufacturing processes, as well as assist customers in designing the location of the branch

Cones/Shell Bending In addition to bending, we also handle your requests related to finishing, trimming, grooving, assembly, and welding, etc

Square-to-round transitions We develop materials internally, which enables us to offer our customers the materials that they need

Aluminum Bending We carry out material development internally, which enables us to offer our customers the materials that they need


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