Reduced machining costs

Atsuita Press Industry has good news for all of our customers who are looking for ways to reduce machining costs. Our unique bending, spinning, and stamping technology allows us to successfully achieve significant reductions in cutting costs compared to conventional methods! Our technology also enables us to significantly reduce lead-times. There is a good possibility that we will be able to meet your requests for bending, spinning, or stamping work with short lead-times and low costs. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Atsuita Press Industry for details!


Conventional methods involve machining the material into the shape of the part, which results in high machining costs and high material costs. However, using our company’s bending technology to bend the material into a shape that is close to the desired part before machining enables our customers to significantly reduce cutting costs. In addition, we are also able to handle 3D shapes and special metals such as aluminum, so please send us your inquiries regarding spinning or stamping of these materials. In some situations, cost reductions of over 50% are possible. Please contact us for details.


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