Reduced casting costs

There are many benefits to converting castings, which are one type of machine element, to sheet metal. If you are procuring castings in any of the cases below, please contact us! We can offer you new solutions for reducing costs through the use of bending, spinning, and stamping. Please contact Atsuita Press Industry if you are interested.

Do any of the following apply to your situation?

□ I only need a small quantity of products, not a mass-production solution! □ I need my product manufactured with a short lead-time!
□ My product has curves! □ I want to make my product lightweight!
□ I want to learn more about bending and spinning! □ I want to take advantage of the excellent cost-benefit performance of stamping!

We solve problems for the procurement designer.

◆The per-unit cost for wooden patterns for castings is too high for low-volume products!I want a cheaper solution!
Atsuita Press Industry successfully keeps initial costs low by using our advanced stamping technology and low-cost rib structure dies.
Furthermore, dies are unnecessary in situations in which the part is able to be formed through spinning.
We are able to handle all types of special metals, including two-phase stainless steel. By converting the part’s manufacturing process to a sheet metal process, the welding operation becomes easier as well.
Please contact us with any requests related to bending, stamping, or spinning.
◆I need my product within a short lead-time!
We can deliver your product within an average of only 45 days after receiving your drawings.
We can handle urgent requests for products with short lead-times or replacement parts.
◆I want to reduce the weight of my castings!
Do you design your parts to be thicker than originally planned to handle the problem of cavities inherent in castings?
Atsuita Press Industry has successfully reduced sheet thickness by 35% in parts that were converted from castings to sheet metal!
Sheet thickness: 40 mm ⇒ Sheet thickness: 26 mm

Products that were successfully converted from castings to sheet metal

Material SS400
Sheet thickness 28mm
Diameter 2400mm
Height 1400mm

Material SUS304
Sheet thickness 13mm
Diameter 400mm
Height 500mm

Material SUS329J4L
Sheet thickness 13mm
Diameter 1000mm
Height 700mm

Material SUS304
Sheet thickness 20mm
Diameter 1980mm

Material SUS410
Sheet thickness 12mm
Diameter 950mm

Material SUS329J4L
Sheet thickness 16mm
Diameter 1600mm
Height 500mm


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